Beehive adoption in Zambia

sustainable beekeeping

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In a nutshell :

To ensure that newly planted trees will thrive in the long term, local communities need to gain more value from standing trees than from felled ones.

This is where beehives come into the picture: trees are the perfect place to hang large beehives and the bees produce honey that can directly be harvested by the farmers. Selling the honey creates an extra source of income. 12 kg on average of honey can be harvested per year per beehive, offering farmers an additional 450 Zambian Kwacha which is about 50 dollars!


Why is it awesome ?

Bees ensure pollination, which is crucial for biodiversity preservation. Besides, the honey which they produce can increase farmers’ annual income by 10% or more! 
Did you know that you can choose a name for your beehive?! By sponsoring this project, you will receive a picture of your beehive - with your chosen name - and its GPS coordinates so that you can locate where your beehive is producing honey for farmers.            

Where does the magic happens ?

The team :


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