Reforestation in India


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In a nutshell :

The Khasi Hills are located in the Meghalaya ecoregion, which has been described as “the wettest place on earth”.
This area is rich in biodiversity, home to sacred forests, ancient stone monoliths and several Khasi communities. Unfortunately, it has also been under threat from deforestation and degradation.

The project is combatting deforestation of the Khasi Hills through a holistic approach: by combining sustainable livelihood development and assisted natural regeneration methods in the Forests, the project ensures that Khasi Hill’s biodiversity and communities are once again flourishing together.


Why is it awesome ?

To decrease deforestation, the project is empowering the Khasi Hill local communities and in particular its women via several “Women Self-Help Groups”. In these groups, women learn how to build and manage their own tree nurseries and sell fruit from their trees. Together with other business opportunities, this project enables the Khasi Hill communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Where does the magic happens ?

The team :


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