Bees adoption in Zambia

sustainable beekeeping

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In a nutshell :

The aim of this project is to build beehives and then hang them in trees on farmers’ lands in order to help restore biodiversity and allow farmers to earn an extra source of income by selling their yummi honey. Support this project to create a complementary livelihood for farmers.


Why is it awesome ?

Bees are one of the best pollinators in the world. By donating bees, you are not only helping restoring Zambia’s biodiversity, you are also allowing local farmers to access a more stable source of income: the honey produced by your bees will increase farmers’ yearly income by 10 % or more!

You can adopt 50 bees for 0,50€. If you prefer offering farmers a whole beehive, please follow the link to WeForest's other donation option:

Where does the magic happens ?

The team :


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