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Our values :

By gathering environmental-friendly actors on a unique platform, we hope you discover the existing ecological solutions and democratize their use

Environmental solutions gathered on a unique platform

Our objective :

Encourage and Reward all environmental commitments

A loyalty and reward program

Our vision :

Ecology should not be considered as a constraint, we aim to make it more playful, valued and shared

The first network of environmental solutions: profiles, shares, a community

They talk about us

Your feedbacks

Sengaloun Souphanouvong

President of the Vulnerable Women and Children Foundation

"An innovative using of social media mecanisms serving ecology."

Boualiane Obmalay

ICT officer at UN - Unicef

"Zei promotes a new collaborative way between both companies and individuals to invest in environmental solutions."

Dominique Bourg

Environmental Philosopher

"A global approach of sustainability which targets both people engaged and those who didn't already thought about dealing with sustainability."

Sophie Swaton

Philosopher and sustainability economist

"Zei casts A new light onto the environmental issue"